Ocee Design Urban High Back Operators Chair

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£ 136.28 tax excl.

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With its bulb shaped back and generous size seat Urban offers a high level of comfort and style. Multi-functional mechanisms, ratchet back and tension control allow the chair to be quickly adjusted to suit individual users.  A matching cantilever visitor chair is also available.

The Urban High Back Operators Chair comes standard with: B1 - Black Base / NO Arms / M1 - PCB (Permanent Contact Back) Mechanism. 

Dimensions (mm)

Seat Height500mm - 620mm
Height - 1200mm - 1320mm 
Width - 520mm
Depth - 480mm
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Product Options
Ocee Design Base Options    * Required
B5-Aluminium Spider Base
B3-Chrome Base with Chrome Gas Lift
[Subtract £ 17.28]
B2-Black Nylon Spider Base
[Subtract £ 23.75]
B1-Black Nylon Base (Supplied as Standard)
[Subtract £ 40.50]
Ocee Design Castor Options    * Required
C6-Lockable Castors
C5-Brake Unloaded Castors
C4-Brake Loaded Castors
C3-Soft Feel Brake Unloaded Cators
[Add £ 2.68]
C2-Soft Feel Brake Loaded Castors
[Add £ 2.68]
C1-Soft Feel Castors
Ocee Design Mechanism Option    * Required
M3 - Synchro
[Add £ 14.58]
M1 - PCB (Permanent Contact Back)
M2 - Tilt
[Add £ 14.58]
Ocee Design Optional Extras
L - Inflatable Lumbar
[Add £ 17.28]
SS - Seal Slide
[Add £ 15.12]
Ocee Design Arm Options    * Required
AP-Chrome Height Adjustable Soft Feel
AV-Height Adjustable Back Forward Twist
AS-Black Swivel With Soft Feel Kidney Pad
[Subtract £ 8.10]
AO-Black Height Adjustable Soft Feel
AH-Chrome Disc Fixed
[Subtract £ 21.60]
AE-Black Height Adjustable
[Subtract £ 8.10]
AD-Chrome Height Adjustable
[Subtract £ 6.48]
AC-Black Low Leading Edge Fixed
[Subtract £ 23.76]
AA-Black Height Adjustable
[Subtract £ 8.10]
AM-Drop Down
AR-Black Loop Fixed
[Subtract £ 32.40]
AT-Black Height Adjustable
[Subtract £ 25.92]
Xtreme Plus Fabric Option    * Required