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By Type, From Ergonomic Chairs, Task Chairs, Executive Chairs? We have put together all

our chairs, sofas and soft seating into the relevant categories to help you get to the right

type of chair you require. Cant find the chair you need?

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  • Ergonomic Chairs

    For some, we may suffer in our workplace with neck issues, back, spine or leg pain.

    Our selective range of Ergonomic chairs have been tailored to your demand covering all

    aspect of pain you may suffer.

    Please feel free to contact us to discuss your ergonomic requirements.

    Did you no we offer a face to face consultation free of charge?

    Call us today to discuss further.

  • Educational Chairs

    We cater for schools, universities, colleges, primary, infants and sixth forms across

    the whole of the UK, we offer special discounts for all educational sectors to suit demand.

    Whether your after a single chair or a hundred to equip your educational centre with

    the most upto date seating to offer, then please give

    us a call today to discuss your requirements.

  • Cafe Breakout Seating

    We have many years experience fitting out cafes, dining areas and eating zones

    across the UK, whether  its a requirement for single use dining chair, or a large

    scale project you have, we can certainly help you complete your projects to

    a tight deadline. Our exclusive range has been tailored for the UK's demand

    for swanky seating, common area seating and retro chairs.

    Please feel free to contact us today to discuss your requirements.

  • Operator Seating

    We have been supplying office chairs to operating buildings, call centers and

    offices for over 25 years. Our range has been put together to support every single

    worker within this industry. Colours are not a problem, we have over 5000 colours

    to choose from, and chairs with a 24hour use for busy office working environments.

    We also boast 5-10 year warranty's on all our seating.

  • Reception Seating

    Reception areas are important, they are the first things your customers will see?

    So its so important to have the correct furniture and seating on display to give

    a long lasting impression.

    View our range of chairs and Soft seating below.

  • Executive Chairs

    Bring some sophistication and refinement into your office with our executive office chairs.

    Luxury Real Leather Chairs, Stand our with your Exec office chairs,

    Mesh Back, Comfort, Upholstered part of fully,

    5-10 year warranty and the best prices.

  • Draughtsman And...

    Here at Complete Office Chairs, we have a large range of draughtsman chairs.

    A huge range of colours and finishes available, with chairs available

    on a fast delivery lead time.

    Cant see the chair you after? Please contact us today.

  • Boardroom Chairs

    Boardroom Furniture and Seating are vital in your office environment.

    Its a place where your client will seat to discuss important issues and proposals about

    your business. Here at Complete Office Chairs we have over 25 years experience

    supplying Boardroom Furniture and seating across the entire UK.

    Cant find the chair you require? Call us today.

  • Sofas & Tub Chairs

    Check out our exclusive range of sofas & tub chairs from Complete Office Chairs,

    Whether its a single tub chair or a 3 seater sofa you require, we can help.

    Looking for a set colour scheme? Leather or Vinyl? We have a huge catalogue of

    fabrics available. Need it fast? just ask.

    Cant find the chair your require? Please contact us today.

  • Heavy Duty 24/7

    Working in a busy office environment can be hard work, sitting at your desk for long ours

    of the day can have huge stress on your back. We have a collection of 24/7 hour use office

    chairs available for fast shipment, bespoke upholstery and added key features from

    lumbar support and seat slides.

    Cant find the chair you require? Please contact us today.

  • Designer Seating

    Wow, you simply have to check out our range of Designer Seating,

    Stand out from the crowd with our most up to date designer seating that will always

    impress. Are you based in the City? Want the best seating for your clients? and staff?

    Cant see the chair you require? Please contact us today.

  • Visitor Chairs

    Want to make your visitors feel relaxed? Our extensive range of visitor seating has been

    put together for you, from cantilevers, to wire frames our chairs cover every

    and of your visitors meeting/waiting area. Huge range of colours available with

    fast dispatch on most seating. Cant find the chair you require?

    Contact us today.

  • Meeting And Conference...

    Add some life your your meeting and conference areas, the most up to date seating available

    in the UK & European market available right here. Fast delivery on most items and a huge

    range of colours, fabrics, vinyls available. Stand out from the crowd with our

    range we have put together for you.

    Cant see the chair you need? Please call us today.

  • Mesh Office Chairs

    Mesh Seating is becoming increasingly popular? Why, well mesh chairs adjust to your

    back shape incredibly well, because of its elasticity its able to conform to your

    natural back profile. They are incredibly popular in most offices today and are available

    in a huge range of mesh colours and fabrics. Check out range below.

    Cant find the chair you require. Call us today.

  • Task Chairs

    Task Chairs are here, and here to stay. They are so important, being the most common office chairs you will

    have in your offices or home. We have a large range of specially selected task chairs that

    are available in 1000's of fabrics, vinyls and leathers with a fast quick dispatch on most

    chairs. Cant find the chair you require?

    Contact us today.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 147 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 147 items